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myTikr is a comprehensive, easy to use mobile application that puts all the information you want in a sleek, constantly-streaming stacked ticker-tape format.


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With more than 500 feeds to choose from including sources like CNN, ESPN, Facebook, Forbes, Google, Huffington Post, Instagram, LinkedIn, msnbc, NFL & Twitter, you can customize your dashboard with Tikrs from your favorite destinations for news, sports, entertainment and social media.

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Easily access all your social networks on one screen. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Life is all about having an impact. Make a difference. At least one other person’s life should be better because of you. Hopefully more than one person, but whatever the magnitude, be sure that your being here had meaning. Don’t just exist. Live.

Bradley C. Simpson, CEO, Vection Technologies, Inc.

With all of life’s distractions and competing influences, it is increasingly difficult to separate what matters from what does not. But it is essential. Understanding what is important and what is merely noise makes the difference between success and failure, happiness and disappointment.

Jonathon Barbato, CMO, Vection Technologies, Inc.

myTikr is the most revolutionary news and content aggregation service since Flipboard. The app makes it easier than ever before to always keep up with what's going on within your areas of interest and never miss anything that is important to you.

Magnus Jern, CEO, Golden Gekko


The Minds Behind myTikr

Bradley C. Simpson, Chief Executive Officer/Creator

Brad has more than 20 years of operational and executive experience working in technology-driven business environments. He has a proven track record of pulling together the right talent to create the right team, from software and business-minded professionals to creative and financial gurus. More importantly, he has entrepreneurial vision: vision that has led to the creation of myTikr.

That same vision applied to his work prior at Braxton Technologies, Inc., where he helped develop a state-of-the-art Command, Control, Tracking and Scheduling system for U.S. government defense satellite systems. Brad also spearheaded software development, investment, and maintenance, as well as systems engineering and contract management for Braxton.

When not tethered to his digital device, which is rare, Brad scans the consumer landscape for needed innovation that he thinks is missing on the consumer front. He is always ready to pounce on opportunities to create products and technologies to fill pressing needs. Brad attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and the University of Southern California.

Jonathan Barbato, Chief Marketing Officer/Co-Creator

Jonathon Barbato brings to myTikr over 25 years experience in digital entertainment and monetization. Co-Founder of several well-funded start-ups (RipeTV, ScreenFriends, Apricot), former Head of Marketing for a major studio (MGM) and cable network (Starz), Barbato brings a unique combination of traditional marketing experience with digital audience acquisition skills to the myTikr team. He understands the social media influencer and branded entertainment landscapes and has the vision of myTikr taking a top position slot in the current App/Audience curation eco-system, which is defining the future of how content is consumed digitally.

As CMO of Vection Technologies, Jonathon spearheads and coordinates our marketing and promotional efforts for myTikr, including branding, social media, ad campaigns, user acquisition, business development, and venture capital.

Sadat Huq, Chief Operating Officer/Co-Creator

Sadat worked in the biotechnology industry as a Quality Control Associate for Amgen, Inc. More recently, he has worked with Novica, a retail e-commerce company that sells handmade art, home decor, and jewelry from eight global offices. He helped build Novica’s B2B operations with third-party channels such as eBay, Amazon, and Overstock.

Sadat hopes to leverage the business insights gained from his work in e-commerce as he begins his new venture with Vection Technologies. As COO Sadat oversees all areas of operations, including coordinating and synchronizing software development, marketing, finance, venture capital, legal, and business development. Sadat holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Quantitative Economics from Stanford University.

Jack Mott, Chief Financial Officer

Jack Mott MBA, CPA is an experienced CFO who has served public and private companies. Jack has extensive hands-on start-up experience in SEC, contracts, licensing, business development, restructuring, finance, accounting, bankruptcy and operations. He was responsible for coordinating numerous public and private equity financings, and coordinated over $275 million in sales, mergers and acquisitions.

Bill Simpson, Chief Technologist

Bill brings an unparalleled level of complex systems architecture experience with over 38 years of commercial and US government (defense and space science) software and hardware development. He has designed and developed 21 major aerospace and defense software applications that are currently being used by NASA, US Air Force/Navy and US National Laboratories.

Bill founded the key US defense contracting software/hardware company Braxton Technologies Inc. in 1998, assembling a highly successful team of scientists, engineers, business managers and executives. Braxton is renowned for developing the highly successful US Global Positioning System (GPS) Command & Control system. Prior to founding Braxton Technologies Inc., Bill worked for Lockheed Martin Corporation (LM) as the Skunkworks project lead. Bill attained 2 patents during his employment with LM, and he has held Top Secret (DoD) and 'Q' (DoE) Clearances.

Clark Wyatt, Chief Design Officer/Co-Creator

Clark Wyatt has more than 13 years of experience in the video game industry, having worked at major companies like THQ, Vivendi Universal and Disney. Starting as a QA tester, Clark coupled his vast knowledge and love of video games with his strong analytic and creative sensibilities to work his way up to Producer at Disney. His latest endeavor was with Kung Fu Factory, where he worked as a Designer on several high profile brands including SpongeBob Squarepants and Adventure Time. In his spare time, Clark has been working on his own mobile game made from scratch that he plans to release soon on the Apple iOS Store and Google Play Store. Clark serves as Chief Design Officer for myTikr. Clark leverages his extensive gaming background to work at all levels of app development, testing, tracking, and reporting, as well as comprehensive UI/UX design.

Matt Mangold, CTO/Co-Creator

Matt is a senior software engineer who has developed a wide array of computer programs across a variety of languages. Matt began his career in the Air Force where he learned satellite and radar operations. He then moved into the private sector writing software for satellite operations for a small start-up company. Since then, he has helped grow that company by writing software to accomplish various satellite and aircraft operations software.

Matt is responsible for rapidly prototyping an initial cut at the myTikr application. Using current technology and frameworks, he developed a working version of the mobile application to showcase the company's ideas and plans. Once the prototyping phase was over, Matt helped develop the software used on the polished product. Matt oversees the software development process, and his duties include software source code control, bug and feature tracking, configuration management, and development task scheduling.

Matt resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife and two sons.


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